Monday, June 20, 2005

bitter kitty can call me a bitter kitty. after friday night (ghetto fab friday at twist) i have decided that i can't wait to go to new castle for a week. yes i did just say that, but i said only for a week. i am looking forward to not working #1, not sitting in traffic #2, and a minimal amount of starkyshas and jeromeos #3. i am honest to god, signed on the dotted line, filling out a w-2 to pay taxes on, over urban people! (read that over and over till it makes sense) this may sound offensive and mean, but at this point i don't give a fuck who i piss off over that statement. i encountered every aspect of "ballas and hoes" on friday night. a theif, a liar, a cheap bastard who didn't even tip me, not once...but twice. this asshole actually had the nerve to get pissed when i told him i would not serve him a third time beacuse he didn't tip. he told me he would never come back to twist.....i told him GOOD, but im sure this fuck will be back just like the rest of them.
i am also sick of these losers driving $70,000 cars with $25,000 worth of accessories on them. but i guess if i lived in my car i would be able to drive a whip like that. here's a thought maybe they should sell their cars and spend the money on an education....spanish is our second language...not ebonics!
i am also sick of seeing the GHC (gangster hoe clique) that gets pissed because they have to pay a cover to get in a restaurant and then they don't even eat....thats why you are paying the cover you dumb fuck skank.

random quotes and conversations with the GHC and the Ballas

GHC-"can i swap my drink out for something else, i don't like this one"
Me-"you can buy another one, but i am not giving you another one for free"
GHC-"but i don't like this one"
ME-"and i am not paying for it, so you can either pay for another one or drink the one you have"
(of course the bitch will drink it cause she is too cheap to buy another one)

GHC-"this drink is too strong" (hey uneducated ebonics talking dumb bitch....your not supposed to complain if your drink is too strong, you complain if it is too weak)

Balla-"hey yo...get that girl a drink over there for me, but nothing expensive, give her the cheap shit" (newsflash...she isn't going to like you if your about you don't buy her a drink and we call it a day?)

GHC-"what brand of sushi do you have?"
Me-"sushi is raw fish....there is no brand"
GHC-"i know what sushi is, but what brand do you guys use"
Me-"there isn't a brand, it comes from the ocean"
GHC-"well nevermind, ill just have something else"

GHC-"i' don't want this soup, it's going to make me full" (isnt that the reason you eat?)

GHC-"what time your club close?" (first off...speak english, second...this is not a club)

GHC-"can i get some churries with that" (once again...learn english)

Balla-"yo yo can i get a corona wit a shot of grenadine in it?" (what....are you fuckin kidding me, how about a lime?)

GHC-"can i get a shirley temple?" (just for the reference you are 32 and only little girls drink shirley temples)

honestly, i never thought i would ever dislike a group of people so much in my life. i have tried to give these people the benefit of the doubt, but i just can't do it anymore. i am looking for a new job...anyone have any ideas? let me know..........


Blogger KE said...

When are you going to NC? I can't remember.
I have ideas for a new job for you:
1) Prostitute in Midtown - you'll need a tube top, mini skirt and whistle.
2) Go-go dancer at Mako's - be prepared to get asscramps from the swing.
3) Pilot of any plane that flys into Kennesaw airport so you can come see me, bastard.
4) Nascar driver of the Red Rocket - look into getting extra INsurance on that hog.
5) Memeber of the HERO rescue squad - saving the lives of dumbass ATL drivers every day.
6) Real-estate agent for crackheads - you could sell them cardboard boxes and section off alley/sidewalk space Downtown.
7) Marta bus driver - slam the doors shut on unwanted passengers (you know who I mean) and then run them over. See how many murderers think Marta is Smarta after a few "incidents" with you!

That's just a few to get your wheels spinning. Don't you worry - this city has endless possibilities!

1:52 PM  
Blogger The Dirty South said...

it just so happens that i actually have a purple tube top in my closet...ill get to work right now

3:37 PM  
Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...


Have fun in NC! Give it a big ole kiss for me! I was longing for it yesterday as I was walking downtown Lexington and it was hot and I wanted a hair claw to put my hair up in...the CHEAPEST one I could find was $18...EIGHTEEN FRICKIN' DOLLARS for a stupid hair claw! JESUS! Where is the New Castle Walmart when you need it? Really!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Mirella said...

Excuse me, I like shirley temples, thankyouverymuch. They are much tastier than regular Diet Coke when I do not plan to be getting my drink on. So stop hatin'.

(Although, a Shirley Temple at Twist? On a Friday? Ho, please. Get a real drink. I drink my Shirley Temples on weeknights when I'm out with the fam.)

And yes, I am posting a comment on an old post. I just added you to Bloglines and am catching up.

5:53 PM  

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