Tuesday, June 21, 2005

random thoughts and questions i had today

is the gold at the top of the bank of america tower real?

what are they building next to kroger on howell mill?

why does that car in front of me keep hitting the brakes?

should i stop and get gas now or wait till later?

why do people in the middle lane go slower than people in the right lane?

that girl on the corner has a fupa.

i hate red lights.

why is everyone working at chik-filet mexican?

it is 90 degrees...again.

this new trance cd was a good purchase

i need to wash clothes.

i haven't talked to KE since last week....she needs to move closer to the city.

ugh....more "urban" people!

who gave that bitch a drivers license and then bought her an suv?

in one week i will be in new castle.

i lost my lighter.

this $152 cable bill is dumb...we need basic cable, screw this platinum package.

great...another smog alert...and no i will not ride marta. (the signs above I-85 tells you to take marta to help reduce smog)

it's 2:15 and i am stuck in a traffic jam...does that make sense?

how is three lanes supposed to merge into one?

how many drinks did i have last night?

i cant' wait to be off on sunday.

Monday, June 20, 2005

bitter kitty

yes...you can call me a bitter kitty. after friday night (ghetto fab friday at twist) i have decided that i can't wait to go to new castle for a week. yes i did just say that, but i said only for a week. i am looking forward to not working #1, not sitting in traffic #2, and a minimal amount of starkyshas and jeromeos #3. i am honest to god, signed on the dotted line, filling out a w-2 to pay taxes on, over urban people! (read that over and over till it makes sense) this may sound offensive and mean, but at this point i don't give a fuck who i piss off over that statement. i encountered every aspect of "ballas and hoes" on friday night. a theif, a liar, a cheap bastard who didn't even tip me, not once...but twice. this asshole actually had the nerve to get pissed when i told him i would not serve him a third time beacuse he didn't tip. he told me he would never come back to twist.....i told him GOOD, but im sure this fuck will be back just like the rest of them.
i am also sick of these losers driving $70,000 cars with $25,000 worth of accessories on them. but i guess if i lived in my car i would be able to drive a whip like that. here's a thought maybe they should sell their cars and spend the money on an education....spanish is our second language...not ebonics!
i am also sick of seeing the GHC (gangster hoe clique) that gets pissed because they have to pay a cover to get in a restaurant and then they don't even eat....thats why you are paying the cover you dumb fuck skank.

random quotes and conversations with the GHC and the Ballas

GHC-"can i swap my drink out for something else, i don't like this one"
Me-"you can buy another one, but i am not giving you another one for free"
GHC-"but i don't like this one"
ME-"and i am not paying for it, so you can either pay for another one or drink the one you have"
(of course the bitch will drink it cause she is too cheap to buy another one)

GHC-"this drink is too strong" (hey uneducated ebonics talking dumb bitch....your not supposed to complain if your drink is too strong, you complain if it is too weak)

Balla-"hey yo...get that girl a drink over there for me, but nothing expensive, give her the cheap shit" (newsflash...she isn't going to like you if your cheap...how about you don't buy her a drink and we call it a day?)

GHC-"what brand of sushi do you have?"
Me-"sushi is raw fish....there is no brand"
GHC-"i know what sushi is, but what brand do you guys use"
Me-"there isn't a brand, it comes from the ocean"
GHC-"well nevermind, ill just have something else"

GHC-"i' don't want this soup, it's going to make me full" (isnt that the reason you eat?)

GHC-"what time your club close?" (first off...speak english, second...this is not a club)

GHC-"can i get some churries with that" (once again...learn english)

Balla-"yo yo can i get a corona wit a shot of grenadine in it?" (what....are you fuckin kidding me, how about a lime?)

GHC-"can i get a shirley temple?" (just for the reference you are 32 and only little girls drink shirley temples)

honestly, i never thought i would ever dislike a group of people so much in my life. i have tried to give these people the benefit of the doubt, but i just can't do it anymore. i am looking for a new job...anyone have any ideas? let me know..........

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm back....

I am just going to list all the things that took place over the week and if you need any detail, ask me.

Monday...I worked alllllll day....10:30 in the morning till 10:30 at night....hungover

Tuesday...worked a few hours...went to the Braves game with the Early sisters...Kristen and I embarassed Bethany since we so drunk

Wednesday...went to Six Flags over Georgia...home to all the Alabama white trash and a place where Starkysha can drop her children off to be unsupervised and harass park patrons. I will NEVER go back to Six Flags. I guess A slash X doesn't fit in with fanny packs and fupas.... Mandy and I went out to the Highlands after we made it back home and drank ourselves into a stupor...fun times there.

Thursday...slept off my hangover and went to work at 5, then went out with the crew after

Friday...worked in the a.m. then watched t.v. the rest of the night...what a way to spend my first friday night off in 6 months

Saturday...worked in the a.m...then went out with Dick Mock, Mandy, and Mike T. Once again we painted the town red...a full night of barhopping.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Thanks to the univited rain clouds once again, our plans to attend Summer Fest in the Highlands were foiled...instead we went to Twist for lunch. Josh was bartending and since I work there, drinks were on the house. Ms. Butts (Stacey) and I drank like fish...actually I drank like the fish. In between all the sushi and raw oysters, I managed to chug down 8 Icepicks (Grey Goose Citrus Vodka, sweet tea, and a splash of sours). Yeah I was T-Rashed in a matter of and hour. Ms. Butts took control of the situation and climbed behind the wheel of the red rocket when we left. She now has been certified as a NASA astronaut.
Back to her pad we headed to pick up Clay, switch cars and head out to Alpharetta for dinner at her parents house. If ya'll know this city dweller, you know I don't cross the perimeter very often...(there are rednecks and suburnanites out there...scary stuff) but I was willing to make the trip for some good ol' southern bbq. Thirty five minutes later we are exiting 400N and Ms. Butts decides instead of watching in front of her, she is going to look to the left and plows into the back of an SUV. Yes...we hit an SUV with a foreigner named Chalupa in it. As good law abiding citizens we pull to the side and exchanged info with Mr. Taco Bell. He couldn't speak english and we forgot our pocket translators, so it was basically hopeless. (sidenote: if you come to US, learn to speak english before you get here...if you don't, then don't waste your time coming...and ebonics does not qualify as english)
Finally we arrived at the Butts residence, were I proceeded to drink a whole bottle of Sterling Savignon Blanc at dinner...BY MYSELF. By this point I was slurring my speech and tripping on my own feet. (ya'll might be concerned by the heavy drinking, but Sunday is my Friday...thats when I get my drink on) After stuffing our faces with the Mrs. Butts down home bbq we concurred that we have had enough of the suburbs and needed to head back to the smog covered concrete jungle of the dirty south. This wasn't then end of our night tho...we needed to finish off with a few more drinks, so we went to bar where I managed to sqeeuze in two more grey goose and sprites before I was cut off. Ms. Butts cut me off...bitch!

***Good News***

-I talked to my sister who told me they would be bringing Madison to Atlanta in Feb. for a cheering competition...this is exciting stuff, I'll get to show them around the ATL, it sucks that is is so far away tho.

-SRU graduate Mr. Cox got a real job...good for him.

-I made it safely home and wasn't late for work this morning. I do in fact have a serious hangover tho.

-This is good news for the people who want to see me, but bad news for me (since I will be in Pa)...I will be in New Castle June 30th-July 6th.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dear Uninvited Rain Clouds....care of Mother Nature....

I have noticed that you have been looming over the wonderful city of Atlanta for four days now. I am very annoyed that you have decided to unleash your monsoonal downpours since Sunday. This is Georgia, not England...June is supposed to be hot and sunny, not chilly and rainy. I don't know what kind of deal you have made with the sun, but I think ya'll need to re-negotiate. I am unable to lay at the pool, drive full speed for fear of hydroplaning, sit outside to eat, or do anything else that the rain prevents me from doing. I am giving you 12 hours to move your shit out of my sky before I take some serious action. You gave us two hurricanes back to back last year, and I feel that was enough rain for the year.

I am off tomarrow and I would like to enjoy the sun and possibly wax the red rocket. I cannot do this with your looming presence.

Please pack your bags and head out...we do not want you here. Remember...12 hours!

Signed...pissed off and sick of rain,