Monday, May 30, 2005

news this weekend

1st...the asshole on the crane is down...he was tricked by authorities by reaching for a glass of water...instead of the glass of water, he was tackled and tasered....hahaha. too bad he didn't fall over the side when they shocked the hell out of him. is raining....still. this has to be the shitiest weather ever. last year i spent memorial day with KE, HW, CW, John, Justin, and a few others drinking and jumping off waterfalls. this year, i am working and it is raining.

3rd...i am dogsitting till tues. her name is maddie and she is the devil. she decided to use the trim around my bathroom door as a chew too. bad dog. sunburn from thursday has finally turned to a tan...i am on tan mutha f'er right now. ill have to take pictures

5th...i weighed myself today. i have gained about 2 lbs. 147 now folks. no ice cream for me this week. hopefully it just all the water i drank this morning...i am hungover.

6th...KE went to church with me yesterday...yes, you heard right...i took KE to church with me.
who's going to heaven now? midtown is only two weeks away...thank god

8th...i might just be driving to new castle in july...the red rocket needs new brakes and they told me it would cost $ dad will do them for free, he knows how to do that kind of stuff...and yes this will be the second pair of brakes on my car which is only a year old...i need to quit using brakes or traffic in atlanta needs to go away.

9th...the "i'd fcuk me" shirt finally arrived....sidenote: i will never wear that shirt to the bar again...i guess the only ones who would fcuk me are the nasty fat ones...if one more beasty, ugly, freak tells me they would, i will throw up in my mouth...i guess the hot ones are just too shy to tell me they would fcuk me.

10th...i am fixin to go to work so thats all the time i have...peace


Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

Awe Memorial Day ROCKED last year...that was so fun! I'm spending today all by my lonesome with the girls, John's working and it looks like it's gonna rain...I guess nothing will ever top "Memorial Day ATL 2004: Poolside" oh well...we'll always have the memories :)

1:07 PM  
Blogger A Career Woman and A Housewife said...

Awe I miss memorial day in the ATL, sorry for the hang up - I forgot :) Danielle was beeping in about the quotes - so funny, I'll save them to a disk and send them tomrorow!

Career Woman

6:36 AM  

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